In order to make your stay in the Hostel Zzz as pleasant as possible, please follow the house rules.


Check-in, check-out

  • Reception opening hours: 24/7; all days of the year

  • Check-in at the hostel on the day of arrival is possible between 3pm and 9pm. 
    Later arrivals are possible by prior arrangement. Upon check-in, our staff will accept you, following the currently recommended measures; by maintaining proper distance, using a mask and disinfecting hands.

  • At the reception you will receive the keys and the bill you pay on the arrival. Towels are also available on request at reception, at an additional cost of 1 EUR per towel.

  • Check-out and departure are mandatory from 7 am to 10 am. Later departure is charged extra, according to the price list. Upon check-out from the hostel, return the room key you received on arrival and all other things (towel, etc.).

  • Group check-out: When the group leaves, the staff of Hostel Zzz inspects used rooms together with the responsible person of the group. If the rooms are very dirty, an additional cleaning fee of 20 EUR per group room may be charged.

  • The maximum allowed length of stay in Hostel Zzz is 60 days.

  • If you want to extend your stay, you must inform the staff at the recepction at least 24 hours before the agreed departure.

Lost and found

Things that guests forget in their rooms are kept for a period of 1 year and then discarded or handed over to local charities / humanitarian / environmental organizations, depending on the item itself.

Guest visits

Guest visitors in the rooms of Hostel Zzz are strictly prohibited. Visits are allowed on the outside terrace of the bar, at the bar Zorica and Tink4 and at the events in K4 Club.


Breakfast for guests is available at an additional cost, prepared on the ground floor of the building in Bar Zorica. Ask for the menu at the reception or at the bar.



Shared kitchens are positioned at the end of the 3rd and 4th floor and are avalable for Zzz guests. Clean dishes and work surfaces after each use and clean up after yourself.

It is forbidden to take inventory from the rooms and common areas of Hostel Zzz.

Store food in the refrigerator in the guest kitchen, label it with your name and departure date. All unlabelled and expired foods will be discarded.


Bathrooms and toilets are located at the end of each floor. The toilets on the first, second and third floor are mixed - for women and men, on the fourth floor for women only.


Tourist tax is € 3.13 per person per night and is NOT included in the price. Persons under the age of 18 are entitled to pay half the price of the tourist tax. Tourist taxes are exempt for children up to 7 years of age and participants in educational programs organized in a non-profit manner by associations and other educational institutions.


• Change of bed linen in less than five days: 3 € per change

• Towel change in less than five days: 3 €

• Pets: 5 €/ night (up to 15kg, if more please contact the reception before your arrival)

• Laundry for guests: 2 €/ wash - washing must be announced at the reception

• Late departure/ per bed: until 12h: _5 € _ until 14h: _10 € _

• Late departure / per whole room: by arrangement

• Late arrival: It is necessary to announce a possible late arrival (after 9pm) on the same day, by 3 pm at the latest

• Locks:  0.50 € per day + 5 € deposit for rent

• Towel: 1 €


  • Please do not damage or remove items intended for the accommodation and stay of guests at Hostel Zzz.

  • Do not change the layout of rooms and common rooms without first consulting the staff.

  • The guest is liable for damage caused by his fault or the fault of those for whom he is responsible and those who visit him. We will seize your deposit for intentionally causing damage or removing items and we will additionally charge you for the costs associated with your action. Please do not behave inappropriately and disrespectfully towards other guests and staff.

  • Employees of Hostel Zzz are authorized to comply with house rules and have the right to implement these measures on the premises of Hostel Zzz.

  • In case of non-compliance with the house rules, the following measures are taken against the violator: 
    - temporary or permanent ban on entering the premises of Hostel Zzz,
    - removal from the premises of the Hostel,
    - seizure of your deposit,
    - a claim for compensation for damage caused and loss of income due to the damage caused,
    - call the police

  • The amount of damage is determined by the host within the actual cost of repairing the damage. Expenses in excess of the amount of the deposit are paid directly at Hostel Zzz. Exceptions are allowed only in agreement with the management of the institution. In the event that the guest does not agree with this, the damage is determined through the regular legal route, for which the court of Ljubljana has jurisdiction.

  • The use of a sleeping bag is strictly prohibited.

  • Each guest receives free bed linen for use at Hostel Zzz. Towels are also available at the reception, at an additional cost of 1 €. Bed linen and towels can be changed free of charge at reception after six days.

  • Rooms are cleaned once a day during your stay at Hostel Zzz. Please take care of the cleanliness of the rooms during your stay.

  • For safety reasons, it is forbidden to lean over windows or balcony railings. Windows may only be used for room ventilation. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to lean over windows or balcony railings. Windows may only be used for room ventilation. Window sills must not be used for sitting, shouting and throwing objects and debris through the window is strictly prohibited.

  • We are not responsible for guest injuries.

  • Smaller pets are welcome (up to 15 kg) with a surcharge of 5 €/ day, for larger animals requires prior approval of the stay from the reception of Hostel Zzz.

  • You can receive guests during the working hours of Bar Zorica or K4 Club, exclusively in the catering part.

  • Overnight stays of guests who are not registered at the hostel and have not paid for their stay are strictly prohibited at Hostel Zzz.

  • Keep valuables with you or in a locked cupboard in your room. We are not responsible for theft, loss or damage to personal belongings in the hostel.

  • For storage in the safe we accept items up to 1000EUR worth.